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About us

We are a private aircraft management company and charter operator that delivers a pioneering and cost-effective approach to management by creating valuable partnerships with private aircraft owners. 
We make sure that owning or chartering an aircraft is an easy, cost-effective and rewarding experience.


Manage all aircraft services

effortlessly and efficiently

360 Aviation

Operating and managing our own fleet of aircrafts. We also work with aircraft owners’ teams on all aircraft management aspects with transparency.


Clear, customised plans are created according to aircraft owners’ specific needs.


Generating maximum charter revenue for owners.

Flight Crews

Empowering pilots and crews through our management process.

Investment Acquisitions and Selling of Aircrafts

Negotiating the most profitable rates.


Top-quality maintenance creates the added value for clients.


Constantly negotiating the best fueling options to maximise cost-efficiencies.


Offering the best hangar solutions for every owner.

Spare Parts selling and buying

Purchasing and selling parts at incomparable rates.


The administrative tasks and regulations associated with private aircrafts are complicated, expensive and time-consuming.

Our all-inclusive management guarantees that these luxurious assets retain their true value while you have complete peace of mind.


Our team

Our team delivers the highest professional standards on all levels. To make sure aircrafts are used to their full potential, we have designed and provide a wide range of professional services, which include:

  • Consulting

  • Training

  • IT expertise

  • Customer care


Adding value to aircraft management.
Top-quality services. 


360 Aviation

Leof. Dimarchou Aggelou Metaxa 11
Glyfada 16675
Athens, Greece

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360 Aviation GmbH
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